Our Work

Still Serving Australians: Present Works & Endeavours

Since these initial beginnings and changes of name, the TASC Society of Australia continues to serve Australians affected by genetic haemoglobinopathies and the general public by:


  • Interlinking people affected by genetic haemoglobinopathies with medical providers, genetic counsellors, therapists and other professionals who specialise in the care of these conditions.
  • Providing information and education to those affected by and caring for people with genetic haemoglobinopathies, so as to assist the management of their health condition.
  • Providing free educational programmes and information to the general public in order to raise awareness and knowledge of genetic blood disorders.
  • Encouraging all members of the Australian public to be informed of whether they are carriers of these conditions by being tested.
  • Fundraising for continued medical research into developments for improved treatment and possible cure of thalassaemia and sickle cell anaemia, as well as research into the social implications associated with these disorders.
  • Fundraising to assist patients and hospitals to acquire medical equipment for the treatment of these conditions
  • Assisting the Australian Red Cross Blood Service (ARCBS) with their awareness campaigns, fundraising and donor efforts.
  • Serving as an advocate for people affected by genetic haemoglobinopathies with governmental agencies and medical providers. (In addition, we have served as advocates for affected families and individuals, who have requested us to be their spokesperson.)
  • Ensuring and increasing morale amongst those affected by genetic blood disorders by organising events to divert attention away from treatment concerns, and offer them the opportunity to enjoy the quality of life that other members of the public take for granted.