A membership supports TASC Australia’s work.

As a non-profit organisation we have a clear vision to provide education, awareness and advocacy on behalf of those living with or touched by thalassaemia and related disorders.

We invite the community to join our organisation, and become an active member of our team of professionals, volunteers and interested parties to build on our community sector strength, collaborate on policy issues relating to genetics health, haematology, and chronic illness. And to work towards promoting positive health outcomes and quality of life for those living with a haemoglobinopathy. Membership is open to all interested individuals and organisations in Australia who support ourĀ  mission.

Why become a member?

TASC Australia’s education, advocacy and health promotion programs constitute the bulk of its activities. The publication of educational material, newsletters, community education programming through live presentations with speakers and community awareness /advocacy (we represent our members wherever possible) are all produced at a cost. Your membership will give you access to the information we disseminate, but also contribute to our vital work in meeting the needs of our members and working with the general community.



Thalassaemia and you



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