How Can You Help

There are a number of ways in which every Australian can help the work that the TASC Australia does in serving the community and in confronting genetic blood disorders:


  • MONETARY DONATIONS: Without doubt, this is the most important and necessary form of assistance that can be provided to our society as a support network and community educator.
  • BECOME A MEMBER: Become a member and stay in touch with news from Thalassaemia and Sickle CellĀ  Australia.
  • PLEDGES AND SPONSORSHIP: Join our expansive list of generous contributors and register your workplace, business or organisation for a monetary or in-kind donation. Consider sponsoring an event we organise.
  • FUNDRAISING: Organise an event, donate goods or services for fundraising, encourage your local charitable organization to consider donating to the TASC Australia.
  • VOLUNTEERING: Support our team with administration, community awareness or community development. Consider becoming an ambassador for TASC Australia, especially if you are affected by thalassaemia, sickle cell anaemia or some other genetic blood disorder.
  • YOUR COMMITTEE: Actively participate in the corporate governance of the TASC Australia, by becoming a Voluntary Committee Member.
  • YOUR STORIES: Submit a personal story or item of interest for our Newsletter and Marketing material.
  • DONATE BLOOD: Participate in our various blood drives by giving blood to the Australian Red Cross Blood Service.
  • YOUR FEEDBACK: Simply give us your thoughts on what we currently do and how we can improve.


Please email the TASC Australia your level of interest and willingness to serve in any of the above-mentioned capacities.