The 40th Anniversary of the Thalassaemia and Sickle Cell Society of Australia

Congratulatory Message: 40th Anniversary of Thalassaemia and Sickle Cell Society of Australia
November 9, 2016
MESSAGE FROM THE PREMIER: TASCS Australia’s 40th Anniversary
November 11, 2016


Dear friends of the Thalassaemia and Sickle Cell Society of Australia, the Board of Directors of the Thalassaemia International Federation (TIF), and its president Mr Panos Englezos, on behalf the global family of thalassaemia, we congratulate you on the 40 years of fruitful services to the patients, families and society in general of Australia.

As you know TIF has over 150 member associations covering over 60 countries across the world. Your society has been one the most effective. We have been following your activities over all these years, and have noted that we as TIF had nothing to teach you. In fact, TIF is extremely proud of your work, devotion and commitment to the patients’ needs. Your educational activities targeting patients, parents and the community at large, as well as health professionals have been exemplary. Your advocacy has contributed to the provision of optimum care for patients and especially to their quality of life.

Now that new therapies are on the horizon we are certain that your contribution to research over the years has given the opportunity for the scientists of the Murdoch Institute to contribute along with other academic units of your country, raising hope for the future.

TIF highly comments on the research work in Australia on thalassaemia which has, and will continue in the future, to contribute to better heath and quality of life of our patients in Australia and globally.

Not many of our members have done so much. We proud of our collaboration and are sure that we have much to share in the future.


Congratulations again on your 40 years and let’s work together for a cure which can reach all patients across the globe, irrespective of economic criteria and social circumstances.

Congratulations for your inclusive spirit. Our SCD patients and their needs constitute a great concern for TIF and we very much hope that we can all become more inclusive in the future for the benefit of all patients with haemoglobin disorders.

Panos Englezos

President, Thalassaemia International Federation


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