Little Nicholas’ joy that mum Nancy Lucich is alive

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March 10, 2016
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By Kate Sikora, Health Reporter

The Daily Telegraph – 7th May 2008

Nancy and Nicholas Lucich

Thankful … Thalassaemia sufferer Nancy Lucich with Nicholas, three.

NICHOLAS Lucich can barely utter a word – but if he could talk the toddler’s first words would be “thank you” to the hundreds of blood donors who have kept his mother alive.

Every month since the age of nine, Nancy Lucich, of Prestons in Sydney’s southwest, has needed a blood transfusion of at least three units of blood.

Mrs Lucich, 31, needs 40 people to donate their blood every year otherwise she will die.

“I know that Mother’s Day is usually about kids thanking their mums, but for me, I’m just thankful to be a mother,” she said.

“I obviously have my mum to thank for bringing me into the world but if it wasn’t for the blood donors I wouldn’t be here today.”

Mrs Lucich has the hereditary blood disorder thalassaemia major, meaning her body cannot produce sufficient red blood cells.

Her 18-month-old son Nicholas has been spared the same fate because his father, Michael, does not carry the gene.

“When people donate blood they think of accident victims,” Mrs Lucich said.

“I don’t think they realise it is going to people like me trying every day to have a normal life.

“Having the condition makes it very hard to fall pregnant. It is a blessing to have a healthy baby.”


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